BST Lifestyle

In House Specialists

This is where you come to get all the treatment, advice and guidance. Each of our specialists are professionals within their field and all importantly active members at BST CrossFit. They practice what they preach and BST is where they practice.


Dr. Ami-Lee Verwey

BST CrossFit’s in house Chiro. Not only does Ami have facilities within the gym, she also trains at the gym, giving her a unique and personal understanding of your mechanics. If your body requires any fixing of any issues, Ami is the place to start. Get a hold of her to book an appointment.  


Che Martens

Rehabilitation is crucial for anyone coming off an injury or imbalance. This is where Che comes in. You have no excuse not to see her as she operates right out of the gym. Che also handles all of our in body assessments to get your body metrics dialled in with your training. Get a hold of her to book an appointment.  


Chantelle Burger

CrossFit training was the first step, dialling in your nutrition is the next. No matter what you do or how hard you train, you will never out train a bad diet. Chantelle eats, ( literally ) breathes and lives for good food and nutrition. If you are looking to take your health game to the next level, get a hold of her to book an appointment.